Gretta and Tiki

Hello! My name is Gretta and I am currently a Fundraising Management Graduate Student at Columbia University. Prior to that I studied both English and French Literature at Colgate University, and I have always loved books.

There is something special about opening a book – whether new or well loved – and getting lost in its pages. However, with the advent of online services such as Amazon, and the creation of E-readers like Kindle and Nook, bookstores and perhaps even the books themselves can appear outdated. It was the thought about bookstores as old-fashioned entities that made me want to blog about them and try to answer the question: How are independent bookstores surviving in a world that is entering more and more into the digital realm?

That being said, I moved to New York City about a year ago, and was pleasantly surprised to discover just how many bookstores there are in the city. As a self-proclaimed bibliophile, what could be a better way to explore New York then through its bookstores? I hope you all enjoy taking this journey with me and perhaps make some discoveries of your own along the way!