Check out these bookstore-related musings.

Independent Bookstore Day 2018: First post in a series about my Independent Bookstore Day Adventures.

On the Use of Book Trailers: Explores the pros and cons of book trailers as a means of digital marketing.

IndieBound: Explores the online community of independent bookstores.

On the Success of New York City’s Independent Bookstores: Discusses five key reasons that New York City’s Independent Bookstores are thriving.

The Bookstore as a Sacred Space:  Addresses the idea of bookstores creating a liminal experience and providing a sacred space for readers.

Can Video Games Help Independent Bookstores Adapt to the Digital Age?: Thoughts on how the video game industry and the publishing industry could benefit from one another, and how this partnership could positively affect independent bookstores.

What is Independent Bookstore Day?: Exploring and explaining this new annual tradition.

The Question: How are Bookstores Surviving in the Digital Age?:  Initial thoughts on how bookstores are surviving in the digital age