Several of the bookstores I have visited so far, have had references to or advertisements for a website called IndieBound. Having never heard of this site before, I was curious as to how it connected with independent bookstores, and decided to do a bit of research. is an online network of independent bookstores across the country that was created by the American Booksellers Association. The purpose of the website is to demonstrate the importance of shopping locally and to provide a place where booklovers can search for independent bookstores in their communities. Although the website only shows the bookstores that are members of the American Booksellers Association, it does provide an extensive list that gives searching readers plenty of options to choose from.

The site also offers a couple other neat features including two lists – the Indie Next List and the Indie Bestsellers list – and a diagram demonstrating “how the growth of Amazon impacts you and your community.” The Indie Next list is published monthly and shows a selection of bookseller recommendations based on favorite books that have been sold in their stores. The Indie Bestseller List is published on a weekly basis and shows what is currently selling well in indie bookstores across the country.

Additionally, IndieBound allows readers to purchase books from the site in a couple of different ways that support the independent bookstore community. Book browsers have the option to search for a title and either purchase directly from the page in which case, “the sale will support the entire network of independent bookstores,” or shoppers have the option to enter a zip code, which allows readers to purchase the book from a local store. The website also provides a list of bookstores that have partnered with the e-reader company Kobo. Each name in the list is linked back to the stores home page where shoppers can sign up for a Kobo account and purchase Kobo e-books through the local bookstore.

Overall, this site is a great resource for both the bookstores and the readers as it creates a national online community. It connects readers to local stores that may have been previously undiscovered, and makes online shopping quick, simple, and supportive of local economies. I would definitely recommend perusing the site and their book lists. Happy shopping!




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