Read about these Independent Bookstores:

Book Culture on Columbus: As a re-introduction to my blog, I thought it would be fitting to start with the third Book Culture location referenced in my first post.

Bonnie Slotnick’s Cookbooks: Walking along 2nd Avenue, you might notices a small sign that says “cookbooks” hanging just above a long staircase at the bottom of which sits a quiet red door.

Three Lives & Company: The quiet, intimate atmosphere of Three Lives & Company leaves the book browser feeling as though they are walking through an old 19th century library.

WORD: This cute, two-room bookstore has the feel of a small book boutique.

Bank Street Book Store: Upon walking into Bank Street Book Store, you are greeted by the happy sounds of children laughing and talking.

The Powerhouse Arena: Video, which shows off the space and some of the many awesome book readings, lectures, and other events they have held over the years.

Desert Island: Desert Island is a small, one-room comic book store.

Greenlight Bookstore: Walking into Greenlight Bookstore is like walking back into the 1920’s.

Idlewild: Idlewild’s new location in the West Village is unique. The small store on the corner has one long, curved wall lined with books and windows.

Bluestockings: Bluestockings is a one-room bookstore and café, which acts as an activist and community center that challenges “all systems of oppression.”

The Drama Book Shop: When you walk into the Drama Book Shop, the storefront and entryway resemble more that of a prop store than a bookstore.

Albertine: This little bookstore is easy to miss walking down 5thavenue.

The Strand: The Strand is four floors of book-lover bliss.

Book Culture: Book Culture on Broadway is a small independent bookstore on the corner of West 114th Street.